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I practice patchwork for almost thirty years and my passion is still alive.

At the beginning I used many kind of fabrics sometimes worned to make quilts for the whole family, so their lifetime was really too short!

But it allows me to learn with a low cost equipment ...

Then in the 80's, I invested much in fabrics "made in USA" which I discovered in the store called Le Rouvray, among others.

I produced many quilts until my cupboards were full, the request around me was a good reason to justify my purchases!

Now I come back to my firsts loves, textiles that already live once, which are touching me deeply, I only used it to make mural quilts.

Old silk or cotton kimonos, old silk ties and others clothes suit me well. I'm also interesting in new edition of 18th and 19th century fabrics and generally to ethnic fabrics from Japan, India, Indonesia, Middle East...

Of course I appreciate traditional quilts but I'm not able to reproduce them as the original, with the exception of "Dear Jane"! They still remain an inexhaustible inspiration source.

Contrary to my firsts quilts I don't begin with any pattern or given block, before the shape this is the fabric itself that is always guiding me.

My first purpose is to show the fabric I choose off and only after I search a pattern which is able to glorify it. Block's proportion with the whole, presence or not for one edge are primordial, always searching harmony and balance....

I really like shapes' geometry and their symbolism, I want to suggest by colours effects some impressions or reminiscence by arranging fabrics and colours.

That's why I don't practice the technical of appliqué which is by my opinion a bad image copy when not false popular art... I want to evoke not to demonstrate...In front of a quilt of mine I want to let anybody freely imagine what he can see...

I came back to the most simple shapes, same for the whole work, with a predilection for triangles, lozenges, hexagons...

I feel that six or eight branches stars show off incomparably ancient silks, that lozenges and hexagons are appropriated for traditional Japanese cotton, we can often find in those shapes in the stylistic Japanese grammar.

Ever since I'm passionate about Japan, I'm married since 30 years with a man from this country and every time I come back in France after a trip in Japan, I'm suffering during several months of a “lack”, a delightful nostalgia which is related to a dreamy, mystical Japan.

Making quilts, more than a therapy facing the loneliness (but I can only work alone) or difficulty in life is also a great possibility of knowledge, to learn on History of fabrics, on techniques and mentality... I'm never bored of exhibitions where I can get something new, and I'm on the look out for books published in the topic.

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